A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

You are father of your little baby and you are home alone.

In order to win you need to take care of your tasks like cleaning the toilet and preparing the meal. You do this by standing in front of the object you want to interact with and press space bar repeating.

But beware your baby wants to play and discover your apartment. Take your baby away from dangerous things that are lying around by pressing space next to your baby. Bring her back to its blanket and press space once you are next to it.

You will loose if your baby plays to long with these dangerous things in your apartment.

Install instructions

Unzip and Play


LD38_DadsWorld.zip 11 MB
DadsWorld_Linux.zip 16 MB
DadsWorld_Mac.zip 14 MB
dadsWorldWebGL.zip 4 MB

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